Friday 13 May 2022

Choosing the Right Color for Natural Stone Kitchen and Bath Décor

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Deciding to invest in natural stone for your living space brings you one step closer to getting the look you've always wanted. Now you need to decide on the right color. Selecting the best natural stone material for your kitchen or bathroom has challenges. Even if you know the kind of stone you want as part of your décor, there are pattern variations to consider. Fortunately, you can simplify the process by focusing on a few design elements. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when assessing your options.

The Type of Stone May Give a Hint for an Idea

The natural stone material is available in a variety of colors and patterns. The type of stone may provide potential insight into what would look good in your home. The type of stone helps create the look and feel you want, so pay attention to how the color appears in the material. Note the different hues in the material and how the color design appears in the light. Stone materials such as quartz and granite often feature light, medium, and dark colors with grain variations. An option like marble may be dark or light in color featuring a vein effect of limited color.

What Theme or Effect Do You Want to Create?

The theme or effect for the space is essential in color selection for natural stone. The stone itself could inspire the effect you want to create. A theme or effect featuring natural stone may focus on color patterns or natural designs within the stone. Natural stone materials feature stunning hues that produce effects that can be warm, casual, rustic, elegant, or inviting. Depending on your taste, certain types of natural stone may stand out as potential contenders.

Explore Options Available for the Stone You Want

If you know what type of stone you want to use for your stone countertop, consider available color options for the stone. Being open to something new and different may lead to finding a color you'll enjoy. Consider other elements that make the color stand out in the stone, such as patterns, color shades, and design variations. Think about color scheme combinations based on where you intend to install the countertop. For example, white marble countertops are a popular option that goes well with dark flooring and cabinets. The light and dark colors create a contrast that can be sophisticated and functional.

View Samples and See Slabs

Get an accurate idea of what color options are available by looking at samples and slabs of stone material. A stone sample helps you compare it to other colors in the space you want to install the stone. It is common to compare the stone's color to other items, including appliances, cabinets, and flooring. Viewing a slab gives a perspective of the color shades, hues, and its presence on a larger scale.

Select a color you like. An essential rule to remember when choosing a color is to go with your instinct. You may have wanted a color initially, then considered other options. Interior designers and contractors often see people go with the color they initially liked. Some types of natural stone, like granite, have color patterns unique to the stone, with no two pieces of stone being the same. Make the most of the selection process to get the quality you want for your investment. For additional insight on choosing a color for your natural stone, consider advice from a contractor or fabricator.