Wednesday 30 September 2020

Misconceptions About Natural Stone

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House hunters and rehabbers typically know that they want natural stone in their kitchens if they can fit it in the budget.  There is a lot of information about natural stone counters on the world wide web, which means there's also a lot of misinformation.  Even being such a popular choice among homeowners, there are a lot of misconceptions about natural stone floating around in cyberspace.

myth versus fact


It's expensive! Or is it? The key here is that natural stone can be expensive, but it doesn't have to be.  It can also fit well into a more modest budget.  The cost of natural stone counters is largely dependent on the type of stone, the finish, and how much is needed for the project.  Many natural stone counters actually come with a lower price tag than their high-end, synthetic counterparts.


"Granite counters are high maintenance."  "Marble is a terrible choice for a busy family kitchen."  There is a common misconception that popular natural stones are easily damaged and hard to maintain.  While it's true that softer stones like marble are susceptible to scratching and etching, this is easily avoided by using cutting boards and coasters.  Granite also has an undeserved reputation for being hard to maintain. It's important to keep granite clean in order to keep it in the best shape possible, but this is as simple as wiping up spills right away and making sure to wipe the counters down daily.


Along with maintenance, staining is a big concern for homeowners, but it's also another misconception.  There is a common belief that liquids like wine and coffee will stain your natural stone counters beyond repair, but this is untrue.  A counter's propensity for staining is dependent on the type of stone.  Proper sealing and cleaning spills immediately are easy preventative measures, and many stains are treatable if they occur if the source of the stain is known. 


One of the more interesting misconceptions about natural stone counters is that they go out of style and will make your home look dated.  This begs the question: if natural stone goes out of style, why do so many people still want it in their homes?  The answer is that it doesn't go out of style.  While certain colors and finishes may come in and out of favor, natural stone itself is a timeless material and will always add value and luxury to your home.