Thursday 18 June 2020

Stone Slab Showers

Posted by at 9:31 AM

Most people think of countertops when they picture natural stone slabs, but the kitchen island and bathroom sink aren’t the only place these slabs fit in.  They’re now taking over the rest of the bathroom and moving into the shower to replace tile and plastic surrounds.  Full stone slabs in the shower or bathtub can offer a beautiful touch of elegance and luxury that makes every day seem like a spa day. 


  • Stone slab showers offer a unique, sleek aesthetic because there is no grout to break up your sight lines.  They’re a minimalist’s dream, giving the bathroom a luxurious yet simple focal point. 

  • There is less day-to-day maintenance necessary for stone slab showers.  The grout in a tiled shower traps mildew and other contaminants and needs near constant scrubbing to properly maintain and keep clean. 

  • Stone slabs aren’t only great for shower walls, but they make excellent bases.  When used as the wall and base, they give the shower a smooth, cohesive look. 

  • Slabs are often more durable than tile and grout, which means that they offer a better long-term investment for your home.  


  • A possible downfall to a full stone slab shower is the cost.  Both material and labor costs can make it expensive.  The slab itself is more costly than tile by square footage, in general, and the specified expertise needed to properly install the slab means that labor costs are more costly.  

  • The day-to-day maintenance of a stone slab surround is less than that of tile, but it does still have overall maintenance needs that can be an annoyance.  Because they’ll be constantly wet and used often, the slabs will need to be resealed regularly.  It’s best to reseal them on a yearly basis. 

  • If you’re going to use a full slab for the base of the shower, you’ll need to be careful when choosing what type of stone you’re using because many natural stones can become extremely slippery when wet.  This doesn’t mean those stones can’t be used, just that precautions should be taken.  When choosing your slab, choose one with a honed finish or ask your fabricator to places grooves in the slab for added traction under foot.  

When it comes time for your home renovations, don’t simply consign that natural stone slab to the kitchen.  Although it can be a significant investment, a full slab shower can be just the answer for a bathroom that oozes luxury and makes you feel like you’re spending every day in an elegant five-star hotel.