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Easy Tips and Tricks for Maximizing a Small Kitchen Space Are you bothered by limited space in your kitchen? Whether you have a small kitchen or you want to maximize what little space you do have, there are useful ways to make the most of your space with little or no (more)

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Designing an Old World Style Kitchen The Old World kitchen style features design inspiration dating back to the Renaissance and medieval periods. The design includes other influences from areas such as the Mediterranean, the countryside of France, and Italy. The initial look of the style gives the kitchen an antique look (more)

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Designing an Art Deco Style Kitchen The style of Art Deco became a significant figure in modern art during the 1920s through the 1940s. The style originated in Europe and helped to create luxury items produced in the United States during the 1930s. It has influenced various types of designs for (more)

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The industrial style design was inspired by factory buildings converted into residential living quarters to reuse the building space.

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Designing a Spanish Revival Kitchen The Spanish Revival kitchen concept was inspired by tourism in southern Spain during the 1920s, and soon evolved in western parts of the United States with Spanish Revival homes built. The style stands out with details such as high ceilings, rustic color schemes, and use of (more)