Monday 24 August 2020

Countertop Considerations

Posted by at 1:55 PM

Choosing new countertops is exciting! But it can also be a daunting task. There are so many options; it
can be difficult even to know where to begin. Choosing the right countertop doesn’t have to be hard,
though, if you narrow your options down by identifying your wants and needs and balancing them in
your final choice.

First and foremost, identify what you need from a countertop. A beautiful slab of expensive marble
might be the centerpiece to your dream kitchen, but does it fit your budget. And you can afford that
beautiful laminate, but can it stand up to your three teenage boys and their friends? When choosing
your new countertop, you’ll need to look at how you and your family will use the surface. What are
your priorities for it? Cost? Maintenance? Durability? Aesthetic? Take those priorities and use them to
narrow down your options to choose the best countertop for your home.

Determining your budget is often the best place to start in your search. The last thing you want to do is
fall in love with a counter that you absolutely can’t afford. Know the size of your kitchen and go into
your search with an upper limit of what you’re willing to spend for both materials and installation. It’s a
great idea to work with a supplier who can help you explore a more comprehensive array of options that
fit that budget.

Decide how much work you and your family are willing to put into maintaining a countertop. There are
some truly beautiful surface materials out that require a truly impressive amount of upkeep. Before
falling in love with something, make sure that you’re willing to put in the required maintenance and that
the rest of your household is on board.

You’ll want to know your household when determining how durable you need your countertops to be.
It stands to reason that the child-free-for-life young couple can sacrifice a little durability in favor of
other factors, but the family with three young kids and a counter-surfing dog really can’t.

Durable, maintenance-free, cost-effective, and ugly? Nah. Nobody wants to sacrifice the entire look of
their kitchen, especially when so many people use their kitchens are a gathering place. Even if you can’t
afford your dream material or the durability and maintenance don’t fit your needs, aesthetics can’t be
ignored entirely and needs to be brought into balance with the other considerations.

When choosing your countertop, you can beat the overwhelming options by prioritizing cost,
maintenance, durability, and aesthetics to narrow down the many options and find your perfect